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Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Enjoy all our relaxing and beauty treatments. Mind, body, spirit; It is all about balance. Immerse yourself in a world of harmony in our Salon Keepz and Spa Sri Lanka. Flourish up and relax with one of our treatments. BOOK NOW and enjoy life, life is too short to think twice.
Our team of specialists will ensure you to make your stay comfortable.
We are located in Sri Lanka at the beautiful beach of Arugam Bay and near to the beach at the main street in Hikkaduwa.
Our Salon Keepz and Spa is open every day from 10:00 a.m. till 10:30 p.m.



Your body hears everything your mind says. Whether you’re worried, overworked, under-slept, over-exercised or partied out, we’ll help you cheer up, and relax with one of our massage treatments.

Enjoy a full body time-out. Let your skin shine, improve your mood and surprise your spirit.

We know true beauty is in the inside, not what’s on the outside. But we always feel better with nicely colored nails and healthy hands and feet.
With a soak, cuticle maintenance (and optional) a massage, we have a miraculous manicure. Nails are topped with polish or left beautifully bare.
Our also perfect pedicure is designed to decompress, relax and impress. Once soaked, buffed and scrubbed, we also can give your feet a nice massage. Then we’ll trim, clip, file & polish.
Enjoy the beauty of life, without worry. Wax it up and feel free again! Choose from different body parts, or make combinations. Our team of specialists will ensure you to make your treatment comfortable.

We have a large selection of facial, body and feet treatments. Immerce yourself in a world of harmony in our Salon.

About us


Founder: Dean Madusha Chandimal Wellalage

Dean is the kind of person that loves to work. He is always there for his clients, employees and family. Working with the human body and being in contact with people is what he loves to do. He has a keen eye for detail and he knows how to pick up non-verbal signs from the body. Every person is unique and this is why every treatment is different and custom to each person. Dean loves to let people be in the ‘now’, to get them to relax fully and have them forget everything during a treatment. By using different massage techniques Dean can resolve mental and physical health issues, treat aches and injuries and in general has a great therapeutic significance for the human body as a whole. Dean has followed studies in Dubai and Colombo and has learned a great deal by his own willpower, passion and curiosity. Dean loves the ocean and he cherishes nature. His ultimate dream is to create a sustainable world. The first step is to create his own sustainable center at the beach where body and mind can come be in peace. A place for massage, healthy diet, yoga, mindfulness and spa. This place will be a perfect setting for beautiful creative ideas and innovations. Dean’s mission is to stimulate people and help them develop their full potential.


The Team

Dean works with a team of highly trained professionals. His team uses their own talent and passion to create the best results. On top of their already vast knowledge, they are trained by Dean to sustain quality in all services.

  •   Eten was uitstekend en de massages waren geweldig. 3 van ons gingen en hadden manicure, pedicures, één had een gezichtsbehandeling, hoofdmassage, deep tissue massage en een ander had aromatherapie massage. Iedereen was blij. Nagellak op manicures duurde helaas niet.

    thumb Pineapples2010

      Als je diepe ontspanning wilt proberen, voedselmassage met positieve energie, vraag dan naar Dean! Ik kwam 3 keer terug en ben van plan om het opnieuw te bezoeken tot ik naar huis ga! Verbazingwekkende verbinding met eigen lichaam en geest + meditatieve muziek Dank je!Meer

    thumb aliftinax

      Ik kwam met een vriend om een ​​massage en manicure te doen, en we hebben genoten van de ervaring, de service en de kwaliteit! Het lijdt geen twijfel dat Dean, de eigenaar van het bedrijf, een perfecte plek heeft gevestigd.Meer

    thumb BarD210
  •   Dean is de beste manicure specialist ooit! Ik raad iedereen aan om naar zijn salon te komen! Zijn kast is eenvoudig maar elegant ingericht. Er is airco, goede WiFi en de kast bevindt zich in het centrum van Hikkaduwa. Dean is heel erg interessante man,...erg vriendelijk en hij spreekt vloeiend Engels (dat is niet vaak op Sri Lanka). Hij heeft geknipt, gepolijst en bedekt met gel mijn nagels ontbreken en ze zagen er geweldig uit! Nu weet ik dat ik de volgende keer dat ik naar Sri Lanka ga, mijn manicure & pedicure alleen door Dean zal doen! Meer

    thumb MyroslavaUlianina

      Een vriendin en ik hebben hier een massage en een manicure genomen. We namen de ‘day after the beach’ massage en dit is zeker een aanrader. Een super goede full body massage! Ik vond hem erg vaardig. Ook met de manicure ben ik erg blij....Meer

    thumb rozanv2018

      Ik kwam met hoofdpijn naar Dean. Na 3 - 4 massage was hoofdpijn verdwenen. Ik hoop dat het nooit meer terug zal komen. Dean heeft de meest geweldige handen. Sterk aanbevolen. Bedankt Dean.

    thumb KMS12a